Top 10 Books To Read Before You Die


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Why do they say books are the best friend of a person?

Maybe books are the only things that are meant for just “giving” without the feeling of “receiving”. Maybe they are the only source to connect to someone who is writing them. Maybe they are meant for just providing knowledge.

Whatever it is, different style of books serves different purposes.

So here is my list of Top 10 Books To Read Before You Die.

These books provide deep thoughts and experience of writing or life.

1. Wings Of Fire The extraordinary journey of Missile Man of India is printed on the pages of this book which sold more than 2 million copies till 2015. It has been published in 13 languages and still considered the best motivation medium for many people.

Written by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Arun Tiwari, it has covered the life of Kalam from birth till he became the recipient of Bharat Ratna. The book is full of ups and downs in Kalam’s life and his way of living and working.

The book shows that Kalam was not unmarried, he was fully committed and married to science and rockets.

2. Absent In The Spring:  Written in 1944 by the Queen of Crime, absent in spring beautifully displays love and marriage along with a twist and suspense, as usual.

The book tells how Joan Scudamore finds herself reflecting upon her life, her family, and finally revealing some bitter truths about life.

3. Pride and Prejudice: Written by Jane Austen in 1813, Pride and Prejudice is a novel illustrating the relationship of the protagonist Elizabeth Bennet with a man. The novel is a mix of comedy, love, and manners.

Pride and Prejudice is considered as a classic novel and is recommended as a first novel to be read for anyone having the love for book reading, dramas or classic literature.

4. The Story of My Experiments With TruthMy experiments with truth is the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi which he wrote in prison and was published every week in Harijan.

The book throws light on the life of Mahatma Gandhi from his birth and how he became so devoted to non-violence and truth.

This book is highly acclaimed and is a must read for every Indian at least.

5. Long Walk To FreedomFrom spending 27 years in prison to becoming the president of South Africa, Long walk to freedom is a story of a man who fought apartheid till the very end of his life.

Yes, he is none other than Nelson Mandela. His autobiography is full of the vision that Mandela had and the ideology he had that gave him the top position.

6. To Kill A Mockingbird: The book is written by Harper Lee and is a great piece of fiction. The book tells the story of a southern family and a southern town which is caught in a moral crisis.

The book is a very entertaining art of work and has also been converted into a movie.

7. Crime and Punishment: Crime and Punishment is the classical novel of Russia which has been written by  Fyodor Dostoyevsky after his return from 10 years of exile in Siberia.

Firstly published in a journal in twelve months installments but later been converted to one novel.

Crime and Punishment is considered as the greatest novel of all time and has also been adopted into 25 movies.

8. The Brothers Karamazov: The Brothers Karamazov is another novel written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and is considered his best work.

The novel contains the spiritual drama of mutual struggles concerning faith, doubt judgement and reason revolving around the subject of patricide. Fyodor couldn’t enjoy the success of his novel much as he died shortly after the publication.

 9. GodaanGodaan is the popular novel written by  ‘Upanyaas Samrat’ Munshi Premchand. Published in 1836 and is considered as the best novel not only of Premchand but greatest India has ever produced.

Translated into many languages, this classic novel has also been converted into a TV show which contained 26 episodes.

10. Train to Pakistan: As the name suggests, Train to Pakistan is a non-fiction novel depicting the true events of a village lying on the border of India and Pakistan.

Some critics describes the novel as the haunting narration of the cruel realities that happened during the partition. Written by Khushwant Singh, the novel was published in 1956 and still remains the best work of the late author.


This list is not created according to the most copies sold or by the reviews of the critics. These books are of different styles and reading all of them will change you as a human. Involving the life of the great visionaries, greatest fictions and true events these books are must read before you reside into the heavenly abode.


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