15 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is the day to spread love. It is the day to celebrate the special someone (or someones) in your life. So, what have you decided to gift this year to express your affection? Flowers, which are priced four times their usual price for this particular day or movie date, which happens once a month anyway? This year, try something different and express your love in style with romantic English, Hindi and Urdu poetry. Here we present 15 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas which are as unique and special as your relationship.…

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Kabir dohe
Hindi Literature


            Kabir, who was a poet and played main part in India’s Bhakti Movement, was not a believer of either Hinduism or Islam and questioned the existence of both. Kabir believed that true God is with the person who is on the path of righteousness, considered all creatures on earth as his own self and who is passively detached from the affairs of the world. Although his life revolved around this, his poetry is what we are here for. He has written some remarkable poetry…

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