Har ek baat pe kehte ho tum ki Tu kya hai- Mirza Ghalib’s absurd encounter

Ghalib comic 1
At every turn you question me, asking “what are you?’
Tell me what manner of speech do you pursue?

Ghalib is caught between some unusual and unpleasant conversations. Wherever he tries to share his opinion with anyone, he gets asked things that he find absurd. This peculiar scenario has been haunting him everywhere in his day to day life, even on social media. But rather deals with such ridicule with wisdom and manages to come up with a befitting reply.

Ghalib comic 2
This cloak of mine is sticking to my body, with blood.
Why does this gown’s collar need any darning (now).

Soon after, he is wounded (physically and mentally) in a public lynching incident. He tried his best to put sense into the mob but to no avail. He feels in his heart how tragic such incidents are. Even the people who were his friends have turned into foes. He fails to understand how such hate could be sowed into the hearts of these people who were once kind and sweet. He is helpless and disappointed now.

Ghalib cartoon
Where the body has been totally burnt, the heart must also have been burnt.
What are you searching in the ashes now, what is your intention/desire?

Media gathers around and tries to interrogate him in order to know the reality of the entire incident. Journalists are keen on knowing every minute detail so that they could cover the unfortunate episode throughly and ‘rightly’ just as they ALWAYS do. Although, he has his doubts.

Ghalib comic 4
I am not impressed by it running about in the veins.
If it does not drip from the eyes, what kind of blood is this.

At an hour when everyone else is having a blissful sleep, anxiety is keeping Ghalib wide awake. He is having a tough time dealing with the circumstances surrounding him. Helpless and overwhelmed by all that he has gone through, he is filled with anger, vengeance and courage now. He wants to fight for all that he believes to be right, he wants his revenge for himself and everyone else who has suffered. But that doesn’t last long enough, soon he realises the confinements of his actions and how wrong taking such a path would be. Having mixed emotions with every pump of rushing blood, he is not able to think straight. But he is sure of one thing that he just couldn’t live with this fear anymore.. tears fall off his eyes.. and he continues his struggle to fall asleep every night henceforth.

Ghalib com ic 5
I have no power left to speak, but if the power was there Then with what hope should I say/convey to you that what I desire.

Meanwhile, there is a wind of change in the town. People are hopeful that such incidents would not happen again. They are screaming the songs of change. They believe that they have the power to stop such disruptions. Ghalib is impressed by the courage of these people that has led them to raise their voices despite constant efforts of ‘killing’ them. But constant disappointment has turned him into a pessimist. Although, he desires, but now has left with no strength to hop and battle against the hate.

Ghalib comic by artykite
Having been the associate of the king, you are swagging around the town boastfully now.
Otherwise, what is Ghalib’s place/status in the city?

Left disheartened by beholding his trust in everyone and everything else, he find himself in an unending chaos. With the change of weather, as lightning strikes through the clouds, he realises that the peace and harmony he has been searching for could only be found in the eternal wisdom of the supreme guidance. He hopes this storm shall pass soon and these rains would take away the hate, pique and violence away from everyones hearts.

Illustrations and concept by Saniuddin Khan

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