Calendar 2019


Presenting Artykite’s 2019 Calendar which is dedicated to 12 great Urdu Poets. The calendar represents 12 famous Urdu Sher with the artworks of the featured poets to inspire every month of the year.

Size: 6 x 9 inch


  1. January: Jaun Elia
  2. Febuary: Faiz Ahmad Faiz
  3. March: Mirza Ghalib
  4. April: Allama Iqbal
  5. May: Mir Taqi Mir
  6. June: Jan Nisar Akhtar
  7. July: Jigar Moradabadi
  8. August: Ahmed Faraz
  9. September: Sahir Ludhiyanvi
  10. October: Parveen Shakir
  11. November: Nazeer Akbarabadi
  12. December: Dagh Dehlvi

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